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The Environmental Impact of Gas Powered Landscaping Equipment

Gas-powered lawn tools including lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers have been a mainstay of the lawn care industry for many years. The environmental impact of these machines' emissions, however, has raised questions about their use. These devices can produce greenhouse gases that harm the environment, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, which can then add to air pollution.

The usage of gas-powered equipment not only adds to air pollution, but also to noise pollution. These machines' obnoxious loudness might annoy nearby residents and wildlife. Additionally, regular usage of these devices may result in greater deterioration of nearby sidewalks and roadways, further harming the environment.

The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment conducted a study that found that the use of gas-powered lawn equipment is responsible for 5% of Canada's total air pollution. This highlights the need for alternative solutions that reduce the impact of these machines on the environment. Because small engines aren't required to have emissions equipment installed, running a push-mower for an hour produces the same amount of air pollution as driving a new car 550 kilometers.

Health Canada also conducted a study that found that exposure to air pollution from gas-powered equipment can cause respiratory problems among members of vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly. This raises concerns about the long-term health effects of continued use of these machines and the importance of transitioning to more sustainable solutions.

At Edgehill Lawn and Landscape we recognize the need for more sustainable solutions and have made the switch to electric equipment. By using electric equipment we reduce our carbon footprint to help the environment. Additionally, electric equipment is quieter and more efficient making us a better option for our clients.

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