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Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn in the Spring

Spring is a crucial time for lawn care, and one of the most important tasks is fertilizing your lawn. Fertilizing helps provide and replenish essential nutrients to the grass, which promotes healthy growth and a green drought-tolerant lawn. Here are some of the key benefits of fertilizing your lawn in the spring:

Boosts Green Growth: Spring is the time when the grass starts to grow after going dormant in the winter. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring can kickstart growth as the weather warms up.

Strengthens the Roots: Fertilizing your lawn in the spring also helps to strengthen the roots of the grass, making it more resilient

to stress and disease. This is particularly important during the growing season when the grass is working hard to produce new growth.

Prevents Weeds: A healthy lawn is less lik

ely to be affected by weeds. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring can help to prevent early weed growth. Healthier grass is able to outcompete weeds for valuable space.

If you want to ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn, it is important to fertilize it in the spring. If you are unsure about the best type of fertilizer to use, or the proper application method, consider contacting a professional lawn care company such as Edgehill Lawn and Landscape. We can help you choose the right fertilizer and provide expert advice on how to apply it for the best results.

In conclusion, fertilizing your lawn in the spring is an important step in ensuring a healthy and beautiful lawn. By providing essential nutrients, promoting green growth, strengthening roots, and preventing weed growth, you can enjoy a lush, green lawn all season long.


For more information on the benefits of fertilizing your lawn in the spring, check out this article from the Old Farmer's Almanac:

For tips on choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn, visit the Scotts Lawn Care website:

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Owen Keyes
Owen Keyes
Feb 11, 2023

Thanks for providing the blog post. It shows the benefits of fertilizing your lawn in the spring. Fertilizing in the spring promotes green growth, strengthens roots, and prevents weed growth. The post informs on the benefit of professional help in choosing the right fertilizer and the application method. The links provided add an additional resources are a great addition to the post and will be helpful to readers who want to learn more about the topic. Overall, the post presents a clear and concise argument for why fertilizing your lawn in the spring is essential.

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